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Students choose to study at our Invercargill Campus because they want to enjoy the tranquil, safe and peaceful life in the South, away from crowds and traffic.

Students can also continue their studies in the region in terms of Higher Education (SIT in most cases). Some students continue to study towards a Bachelors Degree or Masters qualification.  Our tutors are mostly local and very experienced.

In terms of sports, students come to Invercargill because we have great open/outdoor spaces and facilities to practice their favourite sport in or to learn a new one. We have the Stadium, an Olympic size swimming pool, a world class Velodrome and amazing facilities in the heart of town. Not to mention the vast array of clubs and sports to join up with.

In terms of arts and cultural activities, Invercargill offers multicultural events to bring different cultures together as well as entertaining the community with local and international events and performances. These provide a family friendly sense of community and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Southland region offers our student the privilege to breathe fresh air and to experience beautiful national parks and reserves, enjoy great walking tracks, beaches and adventure activities. Invercargill has a world class park and golf course in the centre of the city.

We offer to student’s different options for accommodation during their stay. We have resident facilities just 5 minutes walking distance from International SIT house as well as local homestay options in town.

A typical day in the life of a student may include waking up to make breakfast and pack lunch (most of the students bring their lunch an homemade snacks) then walking or biking to school every morning to start classes at 9:00 am.

During breaks/lunch students meet and interact with classmates and friends, while others have chats with parents or friends back home.

After classes, students enjoy life around town. For those students working or volunteering this is the time to move on to their workplaces. Some students are involved with sports or club activities and some just enjoy chilling out with friend at a café . Either way, there are lots of relaxing ways to spend your time. 

Location and facilities are the main attraction. Invercargill is a safe, peaceful and affordable place to study and live.

We are a category 1 school because of the quality of our programme. We also offer a work permit on a student visa.

We offer a different fresh new option to Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington. Come to Southland and go off the beaten track, connect with nature and experience life.   

As a student you will have opportunities to travel locally. Being close to the ocean, beach and parks, Invercargill has it all. World class tramping, mountain biking, cycling, surfing, and golf courses to envy. Or for the more relaxing days, bush walks, shopping, cafes, markets and star gazing. Southland also offers the best night skies in the world.

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Contact Details

Campus Website:

Southern Lakes English College - Invercargill
133 Tay Street
Phone: +64 3 2112699
Southern Lakes English College - Invercargill

Special Courses

  • SIT offer a huge selection of higher education programmes
  • We offer all levels of English language as well as exam preparation for visas or higher education


  • A great cafĂ© on site
  • A University standard library
  • A full gymnasium
  • A computer lab
  • Student common area for recreation
Southern Lakes English College - Invercargill

Our Students are From (Top 5)

  • China
  • Argentina
  • Korea
  • Colombia
  • Germany
Southern Lakes English College - Invercargill