We exist to create an excellent study experience in New Zealand

To gain and maintain membership of English New Zealand, providers must meet the English New Zealand Standards.

These TESOL-specific Standards are benchmarked against globally accepted quality standards for the English language industry.

Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

  • Specific qualifications and experience profiles for academic staff, including the Director of Studies/Academic Manager.
  • Expertise required for delivery of specialist programmes.
  • Professional development and support for academic and non-academic staff.
  • Compliance with New Zealand employment legislation.

Curriculum and Course Delivery

  • Appropriate design and delivery of courses focused on the needs of learners and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Use of current language teaching principles, practices, and technology, and incorporating the New Zealand context.
  • Maintenance of teaching records, and systematic reviews of teaching and learning processes and outcomes.
  • Robust assessment processes for placement and progress.
  • Reporting and attendance monitoring.
  • Integrity of examinations taken, or certificates awarded.
  • Processes for administration of high-stakes assessment, moderation and benchmarking.

Learning Environment and the Student Experience

  • Appropriate learning and teaching environment, delivery of advertised services and supply of teaching-learning materials.
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including copyright.
  • Orientation and access to facilities in support of the cultural and religious needs of students.
  • Out of class/out of school support and guidance to students, including a 24-hour emergency contact service.
  • Information on pathways to further education where relevant.
  • Appropriate accommodation services and access to appropriate activities programmes.
  • Age- and culture-appropriate support services in first language as necessary and adapted suitably for students under 18.
  • Access to job-seeking support and guidance on work rights in New Zealand.
  • Thorough, transparent, and well-documented complaints procedures.

Governance, Management and Compliance

  • Systematic programme of self-assessment.
  • Annual self-assessment against the English New Zealand Standards; actions taken recorded and signed off by management.
  • Obligations of membership including abiding by the English New Zealand Constitution and By-Laws, and other relevant legislation.
  • Monitoring and managing attendance and compliance with visa conditions.
  • Honest, fair, responsible and ethical business practices.
  • Fair treatment of students regardless of cultural background, academic ability, gender or age.
  • Ensuring English New Zealand is not brought into disrepute.

Promotion and Student Recruitment

  • Clear and accurate promotion, including in partners’ materials.
  • Transparent recruitment practices and promotion of services, including ethical promotional claims about progress rates and pathways.
  • Publication of maximum class sizes in marketing collateral.
  • Appropriate display of the English New Zealand logo as a quality endorsement.