We exist to create an excellent study experience in New Zealand

If the school has the English New Zealand logo, you know it’s a high-quality school. 

Every student is different and has their own ideas about what is most important to them. Think about what you want from your study in New Zealand experience. Is it to improve your English for the future, take an internationally recognised exam, or to help you with further study in New Zealand?

Take some time to learn about different cities in New Zealand and what activities you can experience in each. Do you want a large or a small school – or one based in a large or a small city?

Once you’ve decided on a location, visit the websites of English New Zealand member schools and decide which ones can provide what you want from your study experience. Email the ones you like the look of and ask them questions about what course would be best for you, where you’ll live and why you should choose their school.

After you arrive, a good school will help support you in your learning and in your adjustment to living in a new country.

This will depend on what country you come from and how long you want to study in New Zealand. Some students can enter New Zealand on a Visitor Visa and study for less than 3 months. Others will need a Student Visa.

Visit Immigration New Zealand for more information

Some students can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during their studies. You need to hold a Student Visa and be enrolled in a course of study of 14 or more weeks at an NZQA Category 1 provider.

For more detailed information, visit Immigration New Zealand.

Some countries have Working Holiday Visa schemes with New Zealand. You can study a short course of English before, after, or while you are working.

For more detailed information, visit Immigration New Zealand.

English New Zealand has schools in many different destinations throughout New Zealand. These include NZ’s largest cities and key tourism destinations. Visit Schools By Region to learn about the destinations you can choose.

This depends on the school you choose, the level of your class, and the time of year.  Each English New Zealand school must publish their maximum class size on their promotional material.

English New Zealand schools must meet our strict quality assurance standards over and above NZQA/Government requirements. Look for the English New Zealand logo and check if a school is a current member of English New Zealand

English New Zealand schools must record student attendance each day and it is important that you meet the requirements of your visa. If you are sick or unable to attend you will need to contact your school to let them know.

Students from all over the world choose to study at English New Zealand schools. They are just like you – away from home, excited about their study adventure, and trying to communicate in English each day. Your school will give you support and advice on how you can make the most of your study experience.

Yes, but you will need to make sure that you each meet the visa requirements for students from your country.

On your first day at school you will take an entry level test and may be placed in different classes.

If you are able to travel together you should stay in different homestays so you can practise English and have different experiences to talk about – to each other and to the other friends you’ll make.