Where to Meet People in New Zealand

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19 Jul 2014

It can feel intimidating to arrive in a new country where you don’t know many people.  Fortunately, New Zealand is a country known for its friendly, relaxed people – many of whom are excited to make new friends.

If you’re studying English in New Zealand, it will be easy for you to meet Kiwis and other people from around the world. Below we’ve listed some of the best places to meet people and make new friends.

Start at school

What better place to meet people than at your own school? You’ll quickly get to know other students through classes, study and activity groups. Working on your English greetings and phrases with each other is a great way to improve your language abilities while making new friends.

Two friends

The library

This is a favourite spot for students around the country, especially at exam time! You’ll often see people studying there. Introduce yourself and politely ask if you can join in. You may even find people studying your language – you can help them and they’ll help you.

Join a club

Whether it’s sports, arts, culture or social, there’s bound to be a local club that you can join, where you’ll meet like-minded people, learn new things or further develop skills. Winter sports like soccer/football, netball and rugby are popular and there are many grades for different abilities, even just playing in a social, fun environment.

Students at a cafe

Get involved

Volunteering in the community is another great way to meet new people and to contribute to your community in a positive way. There are many things you can do: fundraise for charities, help out at local events or volunteer for a position in a club that you’ve joined. Volunteering NZ is a good place to start. They have information about volunteering and who to contact in your region.

Have we missed any? Where have you met people since moving to New Zealand? We’d love to hear about your experiences making new friends and practising English while you’ve been studying here. Feel free to use the comments area below to share with us.

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Friends by Mike Nelson, CC-BY-2.0
Students by Matthias Ripp, CC-BY-2.0