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You’ve made the decision to start your study travel adventure in New Zealand with the plan to improve your English language skills by attending one of our highly reputable English New Zealand schools. If you’ve no idea where or how to find a place to live while you’re here, don’t fret as there are plenty of options to suit all tastes. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular accommodation options for students.


Offering a unique Kiwi experience, this option allows you to live with a New Zealand family, where you get to learn about our culture, access local knowledge and generally have a classic Kiwi experience. It’s also a great environment to learn English as each day you’ll be interacting with the family. Talking with children of the family is great practice as they’re excited to have guests join their family and will use colloquial or everyday language. Here’s a recent quote from one our hosts.

“One of the enjoyable times spent with students is at dinner time when we can sit together and talk about our different family values and expected goals and why they are with us in New Zealand. Board games together are a lot of fun too. We enjoy teaching new games to our students and for them to teach us new ones too, these usually create a lot of laughing from us all.”

– Colene and Ian


This accommodation arrangement is where you share a property with other people. Your “flatmates” will either be fellow tenants or the owner of the property. This is a popular accommodation arrangement here in NZ. The benefits include sharing expenses and getting to live with like-minded people. Some flatting arrangements may require a minimum term that may extend further than your English language course, which may not be ideal for some students that are looking to head off and explore the country after completing their studies. But in most cases, flatting arrangements are flexible and offer a suitable accommodation option for English language students.  Ask your school or more information about how to find a flat.

Student residence

This is a popular option for those looking for affordable and convenient accommodation while focusing on studying English. These residences are often provided by an education institution and are located close to the campus. This accommodation type can include single or shared rooms, ensuites or shared bathrooms, kitchens and communal areas, bed linen and cleaning services. This can be a convenient and affordable option for students here in NZ.

Now that you’ve learned about our most popular accommodation options for English language students here in NZ it’s time to choose which school is right for you and select the accommodation that suits you.

Photo by Robert Calvert on Unsplash.

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