English New Zealand Participates in ISB Benchmarking Exercise

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10 Dec 2014

The vast majority of English New Zealand members have recently taken part in the English Language Barometer which is the version of i-graduate’s International Student Barometer (ISB) designed for English language providers.

The ISB investigates the decision making, expectations, perceptions and experiences of international students. It allows institutions to assess how satisfied their international students are on a range of measures, providing valuable insight into institutional strengths and also areas that might benefit from increased focus. Because the study has been used by over 1,200 institutions in 28 countries around the world, it provides a number of benchmarks – both national and international – against which institutions can measure their own performance. The study also provides a detailed overview of English language students in New Zealand, shedding light on how students choose their study destination and how satisfied they are with their experience compared to students who chose to study elsewhere. Ultimately, the study provides intelligence that can help both individual institutions and the New Zealand English language sector as a whole in the competitive English language market.

This year was the third time the ISB has been run with English language providers in New Zealand and it achieved over 2,000 responses from international students studying here, up from 1,478 in 2012.

Institutional summary sheets will be available before the end of the year to participating institutions that received at least 15 responses, and sector-level results will be presented in early 2015.

The ISB is conducted by the International Graduate Insight Group  , a leading market research consultancy specialising in providing customer insight for the education sector across the globe. i-graduate’s customers and partners are 1,400 of the world’s leading universities, colleges and schools, plus governments and government agencies, across 28 countries.