Cambridge For Schools Exam

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27 Mar 2014

In November 2013, young students from China, Taiwan and Japan completed the first Computer Based Cambridge PET/FCE for Schools examinations held in Australasia at DynaSpeak’s Cambridge Examinations Centre in Auckland.

DynaSpeak’s candidates were joined by boys enrolled in Kiwi English Academy’s high school preparation unit, based at Auckland Grammar School.

The programme lifts students’ English level in order to prepare them for mainstream entry to Auckland Grammar, one of the country’s outstanding secondary institutions.

By using the internationally recognised Cambridge tests for schools, DynaSpeak and Kiwi English Academy have set an example, intended to encourage other school partners to use appropriate tests to ensure international students are properly prepared for success at secondary schools.

Their approach supports the New Zealand Qualification Authority’s objective of aligning ESOL levels with the CEFR. Most importantly, young students enjoy the certainty provided by an endorsement of their achievement from Cambridge English.