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English New Zealand News

The Medical Council of New Zealand accepts OET (OET)

In February, the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) announced its decision to accept the OET as an approved English test. The MCNZ will accept an A or B in each of the four categories (listening, speaking, reading or writing). Candidates who have successfully taken OET in the last two years can apply to the MCNZ for registration or to sit the Registration Examination. For further... > Read more

English New Zealand Schools Travel to Indonesia

English New Zealand Schools Travel to Indonesia

With the assistance of Education New Zealand a group of 15 English New Zealand schools travelled to Indonesia this week. The group will be promoting English language study in New Zealand to study abroad agencies and their counsellors. Indonesia Education Partnerships organised a workshop... > Read more

Cambridge For Schools Exam

Cambridge For Schools Exam

In November 2013, young students from China, Taiwan and Japan completed the first Computer Based Cambridge PET/FCE for Schools examinations held in Australasia at DynaSpeak’s Cambridge Examinations Centre in Auckland. DynaSpeak’s candidates were joined by boys enrolled in Kiwi... > Read more

Happy New Year

The English New Zealand office has reopened for 2014. We hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebration. We're looking forward to some exciting projects in the first few months of 2014 - we'll be launching our new look website and holding our first agent workshops in... > Read more

Chair of JAOS meets with English New Zealand Representatives

Masaru Yamada, Chair of JAOS - the Japanese Association of Overseas Studies and President of FELCA - The Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations, met with English New Zealand representatives on 3 December 2013. Mr Yamada was brought to NZ by Education NZ. The focus of the... > Read more

English New Zealand Welcomes New Member

English New Zealand is very pleased to announce that ACG School of English is a new member of our organisation.  We now have 26 member schools located in 10 different destinations throughout New Zealand.  This gives students a wide range of schools and locations to choose from, and... > Read more

Work Rights for English Language Students

Yesterday the Government announced that English language students choosing New Zealand for their study experience will now have the opportunity to work part-time while on a Student Visa of 14 weeks or more. We welcome and are grateful for the new work rights, and we are pleased that it will... > Read more

English New Zealand PD Workshops

DynaSpeak hosted the recent English New Zealand Professional Development workshop. Following on from the CEFR workshop, the event from 4.15 - 8 pm the workshop was only for English New Zealand members.  PD and networking is a benefit of membership and approximately 80 staff from member... > Read more

English New Zealand and Cambridge English - CEFR workshops

English New Zealand and Cambridge English cooperated to bring Mary Jane Hogan to New Zealand for the recent CEFR workshops. Workshops were held in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland and there was an excellent turnout from member school staff. The workshop was also open to Cambridge English... > Read more

Jovem Nerds Tour of New Zealand

"Tudo sobre os lugares que visitamos na NerdTour Nova Zel├óndia!" Jovem Nerds toured New Zealand recently and visited a number of our member schools throughout New Zealand.  Read about their tour on... > Read more

John Langdon - A pioneer of NZ's English Language Industry

John Langdon - A pioneer of NZ's English Language Industry

It is with great sadness that we let you know about the passing of John Langdon - our thoughts go out to his family and his many friends around the world. John built his Dominion English... > Read more

English New Zealand Professional Development

English New Zealand Professional Development

English New Zealand held a very successful PD workshop and networking event for members on 5 April.  The event was hosted by Kaplan International Colleges in Auckland and attended by over 80... > Read more

NZ Study+Work Website Launch

Immigration New Zealand has launched a new website  This site is designed specifically for international students who are permitted to work part-time as part of their... > Read more

Uni-Care insurance for international students

Uni-Care insurance for international students

Uni-Care has been providing international students with travel and medical insurance for over 20 years. Many English New Zealand members work closely with Uni-Care and we appreciate the... > Read more

English New Zealand Members travelling to IECHE in Riyadh

A number of English New Zealand member schools will travel to Riyadh to take part in the International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education (IECHE) 16 - 19 April 2013. This is a... > Read more

English New Zealand is now on Facebook

English New Zealand has a Facebook page .  We hope that you'll "Like" us as we try to keep you up to date about English New Zealand developments and interesting events happening at... > Read more

English New Zealand CEFR Workshops

English New Zealand, in conjunction with Cambridge English, hosted two CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) workshops in September.  Mary Jane Hogan, mjh Editorial and... > Read more

Changes to Work Rights for English Language Students

As a result of the efforts of many members over many years, we have achieved our first significant victory in the battle for sensible work rights for English language students, as announced in the... > Read more

English New Zealand Celebrates 25th Anniversary

English New Zealand recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.  A wonderful evening was enjoyed by current members, official guests, and past Chairs and members of the Executive.  Read... > Read more