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There are many reasons why learning English in New Zealand is a great idea. New Zealand is a friendly, beautiful country, but learning English offers you much more than the opportunity to live in a nice country – it could change your entire future by opening new career opportunities that weren’t available before. Today we’re going to show you 7 ways learning English can boost your career prospects.

1. More job opportunities

If you speak only your first language, your job opportunities may be more limited. When you speak English, you’re able to look for jobs outside of your home country, which increases the size of your job market dramatically. When job prospects are challenging in your country, the ability to look outside of your borders is very helpful. Likewise, if you like the idea of living in another country, having a job offer to get you there is a big plus!

2. International companies need English speakers

Having English language skills also helps you broaden your job search within your own country. Companies with headquarters in English-speaking countries frequently set up additional offices in other countries. Depending on the nature of the work and their target market, the ability to speak English may be a main requirement.

3. Better chance of being hired

By knowing a second or third language, you could have an advantage over an equally skilled candidate who speaks only one language. Showing that you’ve challenged yourself by living in a new country and learning a foreign language demonstrates you are dedicated to self-improvement – a valued asset in any employee.

4. More opportunities within your company

If you read, write or speak English you may be presented with more opportunities and may be eligible for promotion because of your language skills. For example, if your company needs employees to travel to an English-speaking country or interact with clients who are more comfortable speaking English, you may be asked to step up and handle these responsibilities thanks to your English language skills.

5. Connect with colleagues

If you work in a multi-national company, there’s a good chance that English will be the common language used to converse daily. If you’re confident using English, you’ll find it easier to communicate with your colleagues during your coffee and lunch breaks, allowing you to make new connections and friendships in the workplace.

6. Grow your brain

Studies have demonstrated that individuals who speak two or more languages think differently. The Atlantic published an interesting article that explains how multi-linguals differ from individuals who speak only one language. The article says that those who speak more than one language are better at remembering lists and sequences, are more aware of their surroundings and have a greater ability to focus on important information. All these traits can benefit you in the long run, in addition to making you a more valuable employee.

7. Make more money

Employees who speak more than one language tend to make more money than those who speak only one language. It never hurts to make more money!

Come and learn English with us!

We hope this article has given you extra incentive to study English in New Zealand. By learning a new language, you are truly investing in your future and your ability to provide for yourself. We hope you’ll be joining us soon at an English New Zealand school.

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Bakoko CDS 2F Meeting Point by Bakoko, CC BY-ND 2.0
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