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Mount Maunganui
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If you want to live at the beach and enjoy a warm year-round climate, Mount Maunganui is the place for you.

“The Mount” is located on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Living in Mount Maunganui as a student

The population of this friendly town changes seasonally, as holidaymakers flock to the beach in the summer. During the rest of the year, the area maintains a laid back, beachside feel and residents enjoy plenty of sunny days.

Mount Maunganui is just 10 minutes from Tauranga by bus, so it’s easy enough to explore more of this beautiful region.

What to see in the Mount Maunganui region

 “The Mount” has one of the best surf beaches in New Zealand and a stunning coastline, making it an attractive destination for holiday makers, tourists, cruise ships and those keen to explore the fantastic water and adventure activities available.

What to do in Mount Maunganui

Spend time with friends on the white sand beach or learn to surf or “blokart” in this recreation paradise. The ocean is a part of life here, so it will be easy to enjoy marine sports, fishing, or swimming with the dolphins while in New Zealand. 

A hike up “The Mount” will provide you with unforgettable views – you might find yourself taking this walk on a weekly basis. The hot saltwater pools are a great way to relax and practise your English with your new friends.

Eating and drinking in Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui Language Centre is located in the heart of the dining precinct. Grab a coffee and something to eat while socialising with classmates at lunch time or after school – there is so much to choose from!

Venues, facilities and events in Mount Maunganui

“The Mount” is one of New Zealand’s most popular New Year’s holiday destinations. There will be fireworks and a great vibe – although it’s not just at New Year that you get that feeling.

You can see one of New Zealand’s oldest triathlon competitions in action or enjoy one of the many musical and cultural events held in Tauranga during the year.

Why learn English in Mount Maunganui?

Whether you’re in Mount Maunganui for a short-term English course or to prepare for further study, you’re sure to enjoy your time here.

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Mount Maunganui Language Centre
Mount Maunganui Language Centre (MMLC) is the perfect place to learn. The school is comfortable, with natural light and a beautiful private garden to relax.  After morning class you can have lunch in one of the many cafes, or even take a picnic to the beach, which is just a 5...