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English New Zealand
Accredited Pathway

In June 2019 English New Zealand signed an MoU with Universities New Zealand, the peak body representing all New Zealand universities. 

As part of this MoU, all eight of New Zealand’s universities accept the Accredited Pathways Assessment of approved English New Zealand members as evidence of meeting their English language proficiency requirements at an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Members currently approved/accredited to offer the pathway assessment are:


Bridge International College


Start date:
6 July '20


Kaplan International Languages

English For Academic Purposes/ EAP

Start date:
14 September '20

Languages International

English for University Start

Start date:
29 June '20



Applications were reviewed by suitably qualified English language experts including independent panel members from outside English New Zealand to ensure quality and consistency.

This initiative will enable more English language students to consider tertiary study pathways and longer-term study in New Zealand.

The Accredited Pathway Assessment approval is in addition to the quality assurance requirements that member schools must meet, over and above NZQA requirements.

Approved members will use the English New Zealand Accredited Pathway Assessment logo to confirm approval.

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Rudolf Vanko, Slovakia

Rudolf Vanko

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Lukas(Wonki) Moon, Korea

Lukas(Wonki) Moon