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English New

When you choose an English New Zealand school, you’re choosing quality.

Quality is the key for English New Zealand.  We’re experts in teaching English to international students so you’re in good hands.

We have 26 member schools located throughout New Zealand in popular tourism destinations.

We have private, government-owned, small and large schools so you’ll find a quality school to suit your needs.

English New Zealand schools:

  • Meet English New Zealand Standards for academic and management criteria. 
  • Meet government regulations for accreditation and pastoral care. 
  • Offer a diverse nationality mix so you can make friends from a lot of different countries. 
  • Employ highly qualified and experienced teachers. 
  • Provide quality facilities and resources. 
  • Offer courses including beginner to advanced levels, internationally recognised exams and academic preparation programmes. 
  • Offer advice and help you with accommodation, weekend excursions and after school activities.
  • Protect students’ fees.

Visit our member schools here. You can link to their websites for more information about courses and fees.

You can search for member schools in cities that interest you the most and make an enquiry to several schools in a particular city.

When you see the English New Zealand logo you can be sure that a school meets our quality assurance standards.

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I wanted to go to an English speaking country far away, which is placed next to the ocean and I didn’t want to go to the USA, so I had to choose between New Zealand and Australia. I finally chose New Zealand because of its beautiful nature.Read More

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Ellinor Eriksson, Sweden

Ellinor Eriksson

Why have I chosen WWS and NZ as a country for my journey? At a beginning, let me introduce myself. My name is Rudolf Vanko and I come from small country in heart of Europe named the Slovak republic. Last age, I had lived in the Czech Republic. I finished there VFU University in Brno.Read More

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Rudolf Vanko, Slovakia

Rudolf Vanko