Alexis GrégoireI came to New Zealand because most people say that it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can find some amazing landscapes here that you can't see anywhere else. I chose this country to learn English also because I heard that the Kiwis are very friendly. Now I'm there and I can see that it is true. I went hitchhiking a few times and every time the person who took me offered me a beer or dinner. They are very interested in other cultures. I have been in New Zealand for almost four months now and I always had some activities to do. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Auckland and around Auckland. I have traveled round the North Island and it's very easy to travel. I have rented a car a couple of times and I have taken a bus. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit. I went to do a short cruise to swim with the dolphins, I visited some places where movies had been made, I did bungy jumping. I also came to New Zealand to play rugby and I have easily found a good team where the other players welcomed me. It's a very good way to meet New Zealanders. It is definitely the best choice of my life.

Alexis Grégoire, Belgium

Rudolf VankoWhy have I chosen WWS and NZ as a country for my journey?
At a beginning, let me introduce myself. My name is Rudolf Vanko  and I come from small country in heart  of Europe named the Slovak republic. Last age, I had lived in the Czech republic. I finished there VFU University in Brno. After that I practiced me profession short time which needed English language often. Unfortunately, the studying of languages was not me best side. I decided to travel  for the knowledge - that was my point of view.
In time, when I design my next steps about education, agency in my town offered me WWS in Auckland. Some people from my backyard were  in NZ in past and they told me: “When you travel there you will definitely connect your  hobby hiking and traveling with studying. “ Work and Holiday visa was pleasant resolution of situation.
In this moment, I have been here ten weeks.  My experiences grow up day-by-day as well as my English. WWS is famous place with great  teachers and kindly employees. Plenty of activities  use in teaching which motivate you and finely that make your results better. I am enjoying a lot of fun every day. I can recommend it.  Auckland is such beautiful city which offer many activities. From galleries, museums  and other public services like cinemas, clubs, concerts, ZOO etc. For me is the best scenery of the Auckland.   Especially magic are sun set at the Queens Wharf whit view at th e Auckland Harbour Bridge and night view at the city from Mt Eden hill. What can I say to the finish? It is not for describe it is for see.

Rudolf Vanko, Slovakia

Lukas(Wonki) MoonHello, my name is Lukas(Wonki) Moon. I’m from Korea and I’ve been in New Zealand for 12 months. Previously I never considered studying in an English speaking country like England, Australia or New Zealand but after listening to my mother I changed my mind and I chose to go abroad. I chose New Zealand on my agent’s recommendation.
When I came to New Zealand, I was really nervous. I couldn’t speak English and didn’t know anybody. That soon changed. When I went to school I made a lot of global friends from counties like as Japan, Chile, Vietnam, Brazil and Switzerland. It was great for me to learn about other cultures, languages and to eat yummy food from all over the world.  We hung out together, went to restaurants, museums, the library and the pub. All the time we kept speaking English, which was good for speaking and listening. I enjoy studying English and hanging out with my classmates. I think speaking is the most important part of English.
One of my good memories in NZ is ocean swimming.  I’d never swum in the ocean before travelling to New Zealand. One day while swimming at a pool someone recommend I try ocean swimming. I joined a club and swam at Takapuna beach every Sunday. At first I was scared but I soon became comfortable and enjoyed the ocean. Finally, I did a harbour crossing and was an awesome feeling when I finished it.
My class mate and I booked lessons for a 2 hour surfing lesson at Piha beach.  After, the lesson we could stand on a surf board. I knew we needed a lot of training and experience so we went surfing at Piha and Muriweai beach every month.
I always talk to my friends about my South Island trip. Is it not enough to explain, you must travel to the South Island. I’ve been to Queenstown, Milford Sound, Lake Tekapo, Mt Cook and Christchurch with a campervan for 14 days. I enjoyed skiing, sky diving, bungy jumping etc. I took a natural cruise on Milford Sound, saw the emerald colour of Lake Tekapo and went to Mt Cook the higher mountain in NZ. I really want to recommend a South Island trip. Do you know where the first sunrise in the world is? It’s Gisborne.  During New Year I went there with my class mates. Gisborne is far from Auckland but you should see the sunrise. It was wonderful and I won’t forget that moment.
Please make some friends, learn about others cultures, go on a trip, hang out with your friends and finally, don’t be shy!  I wish you good luck in NZ and thanks for reading my profile.

Lukas(Wonki) Moon, Korea

SEINO YutomoI work as a doctor in the area of Otorhinolaryngology, in Japan. After attending an academic conference in Korea in 2010, where I met a NZ doctor whom I admired, I decided to come to New Zealand.
Further reasons I chose to study English were, to complete an English thesis in my field of speciality. I also wanted to join the fellowship programme within Auckland and North Shore hospitals as part of my experience in New Zealand. The requirement for the programme is a minimum score of 7.5 in the IELTS test.
To begin with I took a General English course and after 6 months I progressed to an Academic English course where I focused on IELTS preparation for 12 weeks. My days in New Zealand were very different from the lifestyle I was used to in Japan. I studied English at school during the day and I concentrated on my medical studies in the evenings. I enjoyed a much more relaxed life style compared to Japan.
In addition to English classes, DynaSpeak organised many extracurricular activities for students. I participated in a Table Tennis competition, Photo competitions, Ten Pin Bowling and Mini Golf events. These activities helped me make many friends.
I also took time out from studying to visit many places throughout the country, including Mt Cook, Lake Tekapo, Rotorua, Coromandel and 90 Mile Beach.
At the end of my study period I achieved a score of 7.5 in IELTS speaking and reading. Overall, I was completely satisfied with my English progress and life in New Zealand.

SEINO Yutomo, Japan

Miguel SolísAfter graduating from high school I was looking for a place to study English. Between all the different choices in the world I decided to come to New Zealand because it looks unique, very beautiful and full of nature, a new culture with not many people who speak Spanish and the chance of working while studying.
In the University of Otago Language Centre I have had the chance to meet a lot of good people from all over the world as well as kiwis (New Zealanders). Being part of the University I can join any club, society or sports team. At the beginning when I arrived, my English was too bad to work, so I started volunteering for the Conservation Department and in a few public events in the city. Afterwards, taking full advantage of my Work Visa, I went to work doing gardening in different houses and working as a staff member in a Bed&Breakfast.
On the other hand, travelling has been one of the most enjoyable things here, as the whole country is visited by a lot of international young people, so either in the city or the countryside, travel is something fun and interesting to do. For example, in the four months that I have been here, I have visited Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch, Murchison, and many other places.
As I love and am interested in sustainable lifestyle, I did wwoofing (Wwoof = World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) to have the chance to learn about it on a farm in Murchison in the South Island of New Zealand. Wwoofing is a very popular way for young people to travel in New Zealand, because you work for your accommodation and food. Working there I also met people from different countries, I learned about living in tune with nature.

Miguel Solís, Venezuela

Anisia MironovaHello to everyone who is reading my profile ! My name is Anisia. I come from Yakutia, the Republic of Sakha,  in the extreme northern region of the Russian Federation. I’ve been in New Zealand for six months. 

After graduating university  I wanted to change my life completely, so New Zealand was the perfect choice. My plan was, first of all, to improve my English sufficiently so I could obtain a good band score in IELTS and then go to University. However, my plan slightly changed with the arrival of an incredible person. After being in Auckland for a month my boyfriend arrived and begun studying English as well.

My initial programme at DynaSpeak was for a period of six months which was divided into three months of General English and three months of IELTS preparation. From the first day, I loved the school and teachers. The way of teaching was completely different and so much fun. Also, DynaSpeak organized  many interesting activities for students. For example field trips, photo competitions, table tennis competition, football and so on. These activities are very helpful for making friends.

My lifestyle in New Zealand is completely different from my days in Yakutia. Every weekend we go somewhere or just go outside and find adventure. In my hometown it can be -50 degrees in winter, and can be very hard to go outside, let alone go for a hike or bike ride. My boyfriend is a professional photographer so we are always looking for beautiful and interesting places. Actually, we find it easy as New Zealand is full of natural beauty. We are inspired by the people and places. There is such a variety of cultures in Auckland and this makes the atmosphere special.

I hope my New Zealand adventure is not over yet. I will study hard to achieve my IELTS goal and want to wish all those students who want to change their life all the best, do not give up and stay positive.


Anisia Mironova, Republic of Sakha

Ellinor Eriksson

English is the most spoken language in the world and my goal is to be able to speak it properly. I might live in an English speaking country one day.

I wanted to go to an English speaking country far away, which is placed next to the ocean and I didn’t want to go to the USA, so I had to choose between New Zealand and Australia. I finally chose New Zealand because of its beautiful nature.

I wanted to go to an English speaking country far away, which is placed next to the ocean and I didn’t want to go to the USA, so I had to choose between New Zealand and Australia. I finally chose New Zealand because of its beautiful nature.

I am really satisfied with my homestay. The family is friendly and involve me in their everyday lifestyle. They talk with me a lot and show me some nice places only the locals know about. I also like the neighbourhood.

I’ve been here for one month now and have already joined in the laser tag activity, in a tennis play session and a trip to The Bay of Islands, Ninety Mile Beach and Cape Reinga. I enjoyed everything so far.

I have been to Waiheke Island, to Matakana and Tawharanui Beach. All the places I’ve visited so far were very impressive and I definitely want to see as more as I’ll be able to see from other parts of New Zealand.

The dolphin tour in The Bay of Islands where I could see wild dolphins for the first time in my life, it was a dream which came true for me!

Ellinor Eriksson, Sweden