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Study in
New Zealand?

New Zealand has so much to offer students – it’s a fantastic place to learn English.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Explore the country and experience something new while you study.

New Zealanders are friendly and welcoming towards international students.  English is our first language so students can practise outside the classroom in everyday situations.

There are so many activities – adventure and cultural – to experience while making friends from all around the world.

We have world class high schools, colleges, institutes of technology and universities if students want to continue studying in New Zealand.

You can meet students from all over the world, enjoy fantastic scenery, and experience just about any activity you’ve ever dreamed of doing.

You can:

Study English and travel:

  • Tourism is a very big attraction – we’re a small, safe and peaceful country (4.7m people) but we’re known for our great outdoors, adventure, cultural activities and friendly welcoming people.
  • The New Zealand Tourism site will give you an idea of what’s on offer. Study during the week and choose activities like bungy jumping, skiing, hiking, rafting, or exploring local culture in your free time. You might prefer to shop at a local market, visit a museum, or meet with friends at a local café – it’s your choice and there’s so much to choose from.

Study English and work:

  • Many students at English New Zealand schools can work up to 20 hours per week if they have a Student Visa.
  • Working Holiday Visa holders can also study a short course of English as part of a New Zealand experience.

Study English then study some more:

  • We have English language courses and exams to prepare you for further study.
  • We have world class high schools, colleges, institutes of technology and universities if you want to continue studying in New Zealand.
  • Many English New Zealand schools have agreements with other education providers so students can easily move from English language study to other kinds of courses.

You can search for member schools in cities that interest you the most and make an enquiry to several schools in a particular city.

For more information about study in New Zealand:

The Tourism New Zealand website has lots of great information about our country.

Two really great videos about New Zealand are:

The New Zealand Story
The New Zealand Education Story

Check with Immigration NZ about visa requirements and conditions for students from your country.

(Photography: Cathedral Cove, Adam Bryce)

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I came to New Zealand because most people say that it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can find some amazing landscapes here that you can't see anywhere else. I chose this country to learn English also because I heard that the Kiwis are very friendly.Read More

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Alexis Grégoire, Belgium

Alexis Grégoire

After graduating from high school I was looking for a place to study English. Between all the different choices in the world I decided to come to New Zealand because it looks unique, very beautiful and full of nature, a new culture with not many people who speak Spanish and the chance of working while studying.Read More

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