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Nelson might have the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, but there is so much more to this area than beautiful weather!

This seaside town is home to the Nelson English Centre. Nelson has a college town feel, complete with tree-lined streets and a convenient town centre with cafes and restaurants. Nelson residents love chatting with visitors, so you can practise your English while planning what to do with your time outside of the classroom.

With three National Parks within 90 minutes of the city, Nelson gets a lot of international visitors.  There are long golden beaches, forests and mountains. You can go walking, hiking on some world famous tracks, biking, or kayaking.

At Able Tasman National Park you’ll feel like you’re in paradise and can even swim with the seals.  In the winter time you’ve also got great options and can go skiing or snowboarding at The Rainbow Ski Area. Take a look at some of the stunning pictures online and imagine all the places you’ll visit while you study English in Nelson!

Nelson and the surrounding area is a home to painters, sculptors and potters.  You can visit galleries and buy artisan foods. The WOW (World of Wearable Art) Museum shows just how creative New Zealanders are.

Nelson offers the perfect mix of arts, culture and nature.  At Nelson English Centre you can experience all that Nelson has to offer while mastering your English skills.

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Nelson English Centre

Nelson English Centre is located in beautiful Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Nelson is one of New Zealand’s most popular smaller cities; Loved by New Zealand families and new European migrants ali... >> Read more about this school

(Banner Photography: Ian Trafford)