Welcome Magdala and Stefanía

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22 Dec 2015

Back in August we welcomed Ayumi Maruyama to our shores as part of the Great Study Bloggers Tour of New Zealand. With the support of Education New Zealand, English New Zealand now has two more participants in the Great Study Bloggers Tour of New Zealand initiative – Colombian university students Stefanía Ramírez Gutíerrez and Magdala Mora Fuentes. Welcome to Aotearoa girls!

Stefanía and Magdala will travel New Zealand for 8 weeks studying English in New Zealand schools as well as sampling some of New Zealand’s leading tourism experiences. Ayumi jumpped out of an aeroplane - what will our Colomobian bloggers do? Stefanía and Magdala will share their experiences with you as they make their way around NZ, providing blogs, Facebook and Instagram updates.

You can keep up to date with the girl’s travels through their running commentary as they update their social media profiles, or keep an eye out here on the website.

Who is Stefanía?

Stefanía is university student in Medellin, Colombia studying Communications. This 22 year old is looking forward to her New Zealand experience and with her interests in photography, adventure sport and travel, she is the perfect candidate for the Great Study Bloggers Tour of New Zealand.

During December to January you can follow Stefanía’s journey on the following: 


Who is Magdala?

Like Stefanía, Magdala is also a 22 year old university student. She is from Bogota, Colombia and is studying towards qualifications in International Business Management and Psychology. This opportunity is perfect for Magdala as the eight week trip works in nicely during her university vacation and New Zealand matches her interests perfectly – travel, hiking, photography and rugby.

You can keep up to date with Magdala and her experiences on the following:

New Zealand is a fantastic place to learn! Follow Stefanía and Magdala's journeys - and share via your own social media. Hopefully you or your friends will fall in love with New Zealand and visit for your very own English language study and tourism experience.