English New Zealand Launches New Logo

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10 Jan 2017

English New Zealand, the industry association representing 27 high-quality English language providers across various sectors in New Zealand, is starting 2017 with a new look. 

The new logo officially released this week is “a clean and simple design embodying exactly who we are”, says Ewen Mackenzie-Bowie, Chairman.  “The fern is an iconic image associated with New Zealand, and green reflects the fine environmental experience students can enjoy while learning English in our wonderful country.”

English New Zealand provides four key functions: quality assurance, marketing, advocacy and membership services. Members of English New Zealand must meet strict quality assurance standards over and above NZQA requirements.

Kim Renner, Executive Director, added “There will be a transition period but schools will now be introducing the new “Member of” version on their websites and materials.

A version specifically for members helps assure education retailers, students, and government and academic pathway stakeholders that schools displaying this logo meet our additional and rigorous TESOL-specific standards.”