New Zealand Activities
  • 5 Must-Do Activities in Mt Maunganui and Tauranga

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    7 Jun 2019
    Would you like to study English in New Zealand but aren’t sure which kiwi town to live in? One of the North Island’s most interesting seaside destinations is Mount Maunganui, a suburb of Tauranga.Read More >
  • 5 Must-Do Activities in Wellington

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    2 Apr 2019
    If you’re looking to study English in New Zealand and are considering living in Wellington, then you’re in for a treat. Our capital city is bursting with interesting things to do and see.Read More >
  • Must Do Summer and Winter Activities in Dunedin and Queenstown

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    5 Feb 2019
    If you are coming to study English in New Zealand and choose to live in either Dunedin or Queenstown, then you’ll experience very distinct seasons throughout the year. We thought we’d share what we consider must-do activities for each season in each location.Read More >
  • Our Top 6 New Zealand Summer Destinations

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    1 Dec 2018
    Summertime in New Zealand has a very distinct feeling. Often referred to as the ‘kiwi summer vibe’ it is usually the time directly after the Christmas rush when the weather begins to settle in to predictable blue-sky days and many New Zealanders take their summer holidays and travel away from home to stay as close to the water as they possibly can — be it a beach, lake or river. If you are fortunate enough to experience a Kiwi Christmas —...Read More >
  • 2017 English New Zealand Conference

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    3 Apr 2018
    The inaugural English New Zealand Conference, in November 2017, was a great success. Particular thanks go to our many sponsors, including Education NZ, Cambridge English Assessment and Uni-Care. A range of knowledgeable and skilled speakers, including keynotes Jill Hadfield, Charlie Hadfield, Marnie Watson, Partick Au, Dr Gad Lim and Martin East gave presentations on a range of English language academic, business and pastoral care topics. Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) provided a wonderful venue so the various attendees from New Zealand...Read More >
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