Powerpoint Presentations and links to resources

Dr Lehan Stemmet, DWI Limited

Off the page: Mediating the course book
Craig Thaine, Languages International

How are you smart? Motivating learners by identifying their multiple intelligences
Geetha Ramalingam, ICL Education Group

How can we achieve quality and sustainability in pronunciation teaching?
Dr Graeme Couper, AUT

What's the good in 'good' in meeting English New Zealand quality standards?
Glenys Bagnall, CCEL and Mark Hornby, Ara Institute of Canterbury

"I am New": using our country brand to support your language school's marketing activity
Paul Irwin, Education New Zealand

OverDoSing: job burnout in academic management
Jennifer Yates, Bridge International College

Student experience insights
Sahinde Pala, Education New Zealand

RAPping made easy - a beginner's guide to research and publishing
Ewen Mackenzie-Bowie, ICL Education Group

Teaching Arabic speakers: challenges and approaches
Regan O'Malley, Kaplan International Languages, Auckland

Keep it creative! Empowering teachers and institutions in quality professional development
Fiona Wiebush, The University of Queensland (ICTE)

Making the case for good professional assessment
Darren Conway, Languages International

"Pigs in Space": personalised individual growth strategies in selective praise, assessment, correction and extension
Peter Ward, AUT International House

Key aspects on oral corrective feedback; teachers' beliefs and classroom practices, its importance and best ways to provide it
Maedeh Tadayyon, Seafield School of English

Inclusivity, sustainability and life-long learning - Why? And how?
Vishal Koshy, Worldwide School of English

Classroom management - Our classroom is our castle - or is it?
Andrea Pala, Kaplan International Languages, Auckland

English proficiency assessment in the age of disruption
Helen Cook, ETS TOEFL

Feeling good and functioning well: The science of wellbeing
Lucy-Mary Mulholland, Mindfulness Education Group