English New Zealand Code of Ethics

Members of the Federation shall at all times commit to:

  1. Complying with the rules and regulations under which they are registered by the Government.
  2. Endeavouring to maintain high standards of facilities and teaching.
  3. Employing only qualified experienced staff committed to providing a positive learning experience for students.
  4. Ensuring their prospectus or other promotional literature gives a fair and accurate representation of their school(s) and the services offered to students.
  5. Providing a welcoming atmosphere and properly counselling all students to ensure that they enrol for the courses best suited to their requirements.
  6. Guaranteeing to visit host families before any students are placed in their home, and at any other time when it is deemed necessary or appropriate.
  7. Having in place student services and welfare practices that will help students to adjust to study and life in a new country.
  8. Guaranteeing the integrity of any examination taken or certificates awarded.
  9. Treating all students fairly regardless of cultural background, academic ability, gender or age.
  10. Maintaining high professional standards in all dealings with students, agents, homestay families and other people associated with the school.
  11. Fostering a good working environment for staff, and providing fair terms and conditions of employment in the context of the relevant legislation.
  12. Maintaining honest, fair, responsible and ethical business practices.
  13. Maintaining the good reputation of English New Zealand.